• Health for All Webinar

    Undocumented and Uninsured Webinar

    The Affordable Care Act went into effect on the first of this year. But since then, 1 million undocumented Californians still remain uninsured. How does this impact immigrant communities and what does this mean for the…

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  • Art by Lady Lucy

    No More Stitch-Ups! Fat Activists Resist Media Abuse

    We the Research Justice Collective are so pleased to feature a guest blog from Charlotte Cooper, a member of the Research Justice Network, on her new research justice paper.  You can download her paper here.  For…

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  • Intro to Research Justice: Archived Webinar

    Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation and made the Intro to Research Justice webinar a stunning success. The webinar has been archived here. You can download the slides (PDF format) and view the  live…

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  • Health Knows No Borders

    Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you in our inaugural webinar in the Year of the Horse, Introduction to Research Justice, in which Imelda Plascencia of the Dream Resource Center will…

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